Want Waterproof & Stain Resistant Grout?

Why should waterproof grout be used over regular sanded and unsanded grout?

Over time regular cement grout will absorb moisture, discolour, disintegrate, and eventually water will penetrate through. With waterproof grout there is no water absorption, no discolouration and no disintegration. Mapei Ultracolor grout is 100% waterproof and stain resistant (unlike regular cement grout), and is actually used for indoor/outdoor pools, spas and hot tubs. Waterproof grout is very easy to clean and maintain, because it’s completely stain resistant. If you choose a white grout, it will stay white. The lifespan of Mapei Ultracolor grout is approximately five times longer than regular cement grout, along with being highly resistant to a wide range of cleaning products. With all those factors in mind, we always recommend using waterproof grout in areas that are consistently in contact with water or susceptible to moisture. The most popular room of the home to use waterproof grout is the bathroom, this includes the entire shower enclosure (base, curb, walls, niche and bench) along with the bathroom floor. Other areas of the home to consider using waterproof grout are kitchen floors, backsplashes, front entrances, mudrooms, laundry rooms and basement floors. Mapei Ultracolor grout is a great way to ensure your tiled surface is completely waterproof while maintaining a consistent grout colour for many years.

MAPEI Ultracolor Plus FA Grout (Pool Grout)

  • Used for all our tiled shower bases, custom walk-in showers, bathroom floors, laundry room floors, or any other areas susceptible to water damage, moisture and flooding.
  • 100% waterproof, no discolouration, no deterioration, no shiny plastic look (like epoxy grout).
  • Has sealer built-in.
  • Will outlast regular cement grout (sanded and unsanded) by 5+ years.
  • Rapid-setting with no fancy chemicals required for clean-up (unlike epoxy grout).
  • Only Mapei grout certified for outdoor use in Canada.
  • Building code requirement for indoor and outdoor pools.

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