Project Outline

Located at 17 William Street in Ottawa: A 1,000 Square Foot Design Symphony

At the core of Bar Ocelli, a 24" x 48" porcelain tile floor sets the stage, framed by an elegant chevron tile border that wraps the bar area, offering a feel of timeless elegance. This striking design element beckons patrons to revel in a setting of sophisticated luxury. The main bar area is further accentuated by elongated hexagon glass mirror backsplash tiles, which reflect and amplify the lively atmosphere, creating a captivating visual display.

In the washrooms, visitors encounter walls adorned with large format tile wallpaper, introducing a bold yet refined touch that enhances the venue's aesthetic. The natural stone countertops on the bar and washroom vanity, introduce a layer of warmth and authenticity to the environment. Together, these elements showcase the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence by the design team behind Bar Ocelli.

This custom bar, a testament to creativity and innovation, stands as a radiant focal point, where every tile tells a story of meticulous detail and artistic flair seamlessly fused with elite craftsmanship.