Project Outline

Located at 340 Richmond Road in Ottawa: A 3,000 Square Foot Design Marvel

The experienced selection of 2" x 12" x 1/2" Endicott glazed thin brick laid the foundation for a distinctive aesthetic, seamlessly integrated into the environment through the use of the modern TABS II modular panel wall system. This avant-garde approach involved installing the thin bricks atop the original brickwork that was buried behind the colorful ceramic tiles. This installation method elevated the space with a modern touch while preserving the integrity of the existing structure.

The orchestration of the project was under the discerning eye of Lululemon Athletica's in-house design team, ensuring a seamless fusion of their brand vision with the architectural execution. SAJO was entrusted with the project management and Coco Tile was tasked to perform the complete construction service of scaffolding, demolition, preparation and installation. For the first time in the City of Ottawa, the new TABS II modular panel wall system was making its big debut.