The Highest Quality Planter Benches

Dekton is an ultracompact slab material designed by Cosentino (a premium surface designer and the world’s largest stone manufacturer). It’s denser than granite, more resilient than marble and contains no plastic resin like quartz. Create visual continuity with high aesthetic impact while unifying spaces and increasing their functionality by combining a place to sit with the beauty of plants. A Dekton planter bench can feel inviting and welcoming by offering a comfortable seat along with the natural appeal of plant life.  Being 100% eco-friendly and a verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) sustainable material, Dekton is a modern product that reduces the negative impacts on our environment that traditional stone manufacturers have been causing for decades. With a genuine 25-year warranty, Dekton planter benches are guaranteed to be a long-lasting surface that will not fade or discolor. Keep reading to learn more and to see our latest projects.

What are Dekton Planter Benches?

Each Dekton slab is a sophisticated blend of porcelain, quartz, glass and natural minerals that are compressed with 25,000 tonnes of pressure. This extreme level of compaction significantly contributes to the material’s zero porosity making it a high-performance and maintenance-free surface.

Dekton is stronger and more versatile than natural stone. Being a waterproof material, Dekton is perfect for any type of planter box because the moisture from plants and soil will not damage or penetrate the surface. Combining this with a stone-like piece of furniture is a truly a masterpiece that will instantly impress your family and friends.

Many different colours, patterns and textures are available in Dekton so you can find the perfect one to match your design style.  Dekton planter benches are a great investment because they will last for decades with very little cleaning and they have a 25-year manufacturer warranty.