Slab Selection

1st Recommendation


This material called Dekton is superior to porcelain and comes with a 25-year warranty. There are three thickness, 4mm – 8mm – 12mm, which are available in the standard size of 56” x 126” and the new jumbo size of 64″ x 130″. Please visit their showroom, located at 1-903 Ages Drive, Ottawa ON K1G 6L3, for samples and full slab viewings.

2nd Recommendation


Our 2nd recommendation is a group of high-quality porcelain made by Iris Ceramica via Ciot. The  thinner 6mm material is called Maxfine, while the thicker 12mm material is called SapienStone. We can provide samples, however full slab viewings are arranged by Ciot via their showrooms,  located at 9151 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal QC H2N 1N2 and 1020 Lawrence Avenue  West, Toronto ON M6A 1C8. They do not have a showroom in Ottawa.


3rd Recommendation


Our 3rd recommendation is the original brand of porcelain thin slabs, called Laminam. We can provide samples, however they do not have a local showroom for full slab viewings.


There are three other porcelain brands available via Ciot, as an alternative to the above groups:

If you are looking for natural stone, like marble or onyx, then Prima Stone is our only recommendation. There is a collection called Translucent, which offers colours that can be backlit with a customizable panel of LED light.

Contact Information

We have a strong partnership with both Cosentino and Ciot, so please mention that Coco Tile has directed you to their showroom. If you have specific questions about selection or availability, please feel free to contact the following technical sales representatives: