Invisacharge Surfaces

Experience the ultimate freedom of wire-free charging with Invisacharge, the cutting-edge technology that seamlessly and elegantly blends into your surroundings, offering a convenient and invisible way to power your devices.


Effortless Charging, Clutter-Free: Experience the Beauty of Invisacharge

Invisacharge is the epitome of wireless charging convenience, harnessing the power of Qi technology to create a seamless charging experience. With Invisacharge, you can effortlessly charge your phone or smart devices by simply placing them on the counter while you work, eliminating the need for wires or charging pads.


Designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily life, Invisacharge transforms your kitchen countertop, bathroom countertop, or any frequently used surface into a charging hub. Say goodbye to the limitations of cables and charging pads as Invisacharge empowers you to charge your devices with ease and freedom. Experience the liberation of wire-free charging with Invisacharge, and let the energy flow wherever life takes you.

Why Invisacharge

Invisacharge takes advantage of the same advanced induction technology pioneered by Invisacook, a leading provider of innovative cooking solutions. Just as Invisacook transforms your countertop into an invisible cooking surface, Invisacharge seamlessly integrates wire-free charging into your living spaces, creating a harmonious fusion of practicality and elegance.


This shared technology ensures optimal efficiency and performance, allowing for effortless charging while maintaining a clean and clutter-free environment. Like Invisacook’s cooktop solutions, Invisacharge is designed to be installed directly into your countertop by licensed Invisacook dealers, such as Coco Tile. This ensures professional installation and a flawless integration of both technologies into your space.


Unlock the full potential of your kitchen with the transformative power of Invisacook and Invisacharge, where advanced induction technology enhances the functionality, aesthetics, and overall experience of your culinary and charging spaces.

  • Convenient wire-free charging: Invisacharge eliminates the need for tangled cords and offers a hassle-free charging experience.
  • Seamless integration: With its invisible design, Invisacharge seamlessly blends into any environment, enhancing the aesthetics of your space.
  • Versatile charging locations: Invisacharge can be installed on various surfaces, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, allowing you to charge your devices wherever you need them most.
  • Clutter-free environment: By removing the clutter of charging cables, Invisacharge helps create a clean and organized living or workspace.
  • Qi power technology: Invisacharge utilizes Qi technology, the industry’s new standard for wireless device charging, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.
  • Enhances aesthetics: Invisacharge’s invisible design and seamless integration enhance the beauty and elegance of your interior spaces.
  • Future-proof technology: As wireless charging continues to evolve, Invisacharge ensures you are prepared for the advancements in charging technology.


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