Project Outline

Located at 117 Rideau Steet in Ottawa: A 2,000 Square Foot Exclusive Design

The journey of crafting the exquisite tile feature walls for the Ottawa Light Rail Transit's Rideau Station North Entrance was a captivating tale of precision and artistic collaboration. From the initial concept envisioned by the talented designer Jim Verburg to the meticulous fabrication by Mosaika, every step of the process resonated with a commitment to excellence.

The tile feature walls are located at each level of the station as you descend into the subway tunnel. The 24" x 24" porcelain tiles, each custom waterjet cut with pinpoint accuracy, were destined to form six visually stunning masterpieces. There are five feature walls with inset steel rods and a sixth feature wall with etched/engraved lettering across the surface of the tiles.

Initial Site Visit (December 2017)

Tile Delivery (July 2018)

Elite Artisans

Coco Tile Was Trusted With the Intricate Tile Installation at Ottawa’s Premiere LRT Station

The on-site assembly of the prefabricated tiles and steel rods turned the station into a bustling hub of creativity. The installation team brought Jim Verburg and the City of Ottawa's vision to life, ensuring a premium install that is a monument for all skilled tradesmen and a testament to innovation in the construction industry.

Tile Installation (July 2018)

Final Inspection (August 2018)