5-Year Warranty Guarantee

At Coco Tile, our clients feel confident in our ability to perform all tile and stone installations correctly. Every new installation comes with a 5-year guarantee to be free from defects resulting from improper installation. Warranty will cover the replacement of any loose and/or cracked tile(s) or stone(s) due to improper installation for up to 5 years.

Our workmanship warranty is accompanied by a 25-year product warranty certificate from Mapei, our construction material manufacturer, because of our combined use of the following materials:

✓  Mapeguard Underlayment Membrane for uncoupling, crack isolation, and waterproofing of floors.

✓  Mapeheat Electric Floor Heating System Pro Installer # MH100285

✓  Keraflex Plus Mortar for interior applications.

✓  Keraflex Super Mortar for exterior applications.

✓  Ultracolor Plus FA Grout for all installations.

✓  Mapesil T Silicone for expansion joints.

Certified Dekton Installer

Coco Tile is a Certified Masterclass Dekton Installer that is backed and approved by Cosentino’s 25-year product warranty. Please review the official Coco Tile Dekton Certificate and Dekton Warranty Letter. Cosentino is the only stone manufacturer in the world that offers a genuine 25-year product warranty, in writing. Coco Tile will warranty the installation of all Dekton thin slabs for up to 5 years.

Requirements for Success

Routine sealing of grout is recommended twice per year by the owner. Tile, stone, and grout will be sealed after initial installation via all standard grout used by Coco Tile. Tile and stone should be inspected by the owner prior to installation and any defects must be reported at that time. Installation constitutes acceptance of the product to be installed. With respect to tile and stone, variations in colour, shade, flow, grain, tonality, veining, and texture are inherent characteristics thereof and are not defects. Variations in dimensions and thickness will be allowed as per industry standards. The work environment must be climatized between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius throughout the installation process and curing time, in order for the grout to dry to its correct colour, shade, and tone, without any discolouration.

Dekton Rem Tub Deck with Sirius Floating Step 1
Coco Tile uses Schluter and Wedi systems for regular shower installations. Coco Tile is a Certified Schluter and Wedi Installer that is backed and approved by their 10-year product warranty. Please review the official Coco Tile Schluter Certificate and Coco Tile Wedi Certificate. Coco Tile will warranty the installation of the Schluter and Wedi shower systems for up to 5 years. Warranty will cover leaks in tile showers that have been completely prepped by Coco Tile (in-out system) due to improper installation for up to 5 years. The tile shower warranty will be voided if the shower was not completely prepped by Coco Tile. A completely prepped shower includes the installation of board, base, slope to drain, curb, bench, niche, waterproofing membranes, and joint sealants.
Dekton Khalo Kitchen Countertops with Integrated Sink 2
Dekton Aura15 Bookmatch (B2-C2) Shower Walls with Kovik Floor

Warranty does not cover damages caused by:

ⓧ Structural failure, inadequate subfloor, improper subfloor or substrate preparation, or faulty structural design.

ⓧ Acts of God, including, but not limited to hurricane, flooding, earthquake, fire, other types of natural disaster, or because of unforeseen circumstances.

ⓧ Changes in colour due to exposure to sunlight and age.

ⓧ Subfloor moisture or water damage.

ⓧ Normal wear and tear resulting from usage.

ⓧ Efflorescence and shading inherent in all cementitious products.

ⓧ Cracking due to structural movement, excessive deflection, or other failure of the substrate.

ⓧ Vandalism.

ⓧ Improper maintenance or improper use of cleaning chemicals.

ⓧ Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) or Near Surface Alkali Reaction (NSAR).

ⓧ Exposure to inappropriate, excessive, or extreme temperatures.

This warranty is only good if the owner stays off the installed areas until the proper set time has passed, and will be voided if the owner does not allow the installation to set and cure as directed by our installer. If you notice an issue with your installation, please contact Coco Tile immediately. We will set up a repair appointment or a product inspection as needed. To attain warranty service, the owner must contact Coco Tile and provide details of the issue along with proof of installation (copy of your invoice, paid in full).