Full 5 Year Warranty Coverage

We are professional Craftsmen who stand behind our work with this 5 Year Warranty to prove it. At COCO TILE, our customers feel confident in our ability to perform the tile installation correctly. All tile installations come with a 5 Year Guarantee to be free from defects resulting from poor installation workmanship.

Warranty will cover replacement of any loose tile or grout due to improper installation for up to 5 years. Warranty will cover replacement of any cracked tile or grout due to improper installation for up to 5 years.

COCO TILE uses the Schluter-Systems regularly for shower installations. The orange Schluter membrane eliminates leaks, reduces the potential for efflorescence and mold growth in the system, while dramatically reducing total installation time. COCO TILE will warranty installation of the Schluter-Systems for 5 years. In addition to our Warranty, Schluter-Systems offer a comprehensive warranty of their own. For more information on Schluter-Systems warranty coverage, please visit their website at https://www.schluter.ca/schluter-ca/en_CA/. Along with showers and tub surrounds, bathroom floors are also subject to moisture and water damage. COCO TILE uses the waterproof Schluter-DITRA uncoupling membrane on sub-floors in order to absorb any movement stresses from the foundation or home shifting, thus ensuring the integrity of tiled floors while waterproofing them at the same time.

Warranty will cover leaks in Tile Showers that have been completely prepped by COCO TILE (in-out system) due to improper installation for up to 5 years. The Tile Shower Warranty will be voided if the shower was not completely prepped by COCO TILE. A completely prepped shower includes installation of board, base, slope to drain, curb, benches, niches, waterproofing membranes and joint sealants.

Notification of a problem to COCO TILE regarding the installation provided by us is required immediately upon discovery of the alleged defect. Routine sealing of grout is recommended twice per year by the Home Owner. Tile and grout will be sealed after initial installation via all standard grout used by COCO TILE.

This Warranty is limited to the replacement of cracked/loose tile or grout. COCO TILE is not responsible for inconsistent colour or shade differences of grout once installed; this is a manufacturing defect and these issues are handled by our grout supplier. In the event tile or grout is needed for replacement, COCO TILE will not be responsible for shade differences between the existing and newly replaced tile or grout. COCO TILE will not be responsible for materials in the event tile or grout is needed for replacement. It is recommended that the Home Owner purchases a few extra pieces of tile for their projects. COCO TILE will not cover damage caused by neglect, abuse, abnormal use, acts of God, alterations after the installation or any other cause beyond the control of COCO TILE.

Tile and stone should be inspected by the Home Owner prior to installation and any defects must be reported at that time. Installation constitutes acceptance of the product to be installed. Damage to product caused by accident, misuse, abuse or improper maintenance is not covered by this Warranty. With respect to tile and stone, variations in color, shade, flow, grain, tonality, veining and texture are inherent characteristics thereof and are not defects. Variations in dimensions and thickness will be allowed as per industry standards.

Warranty does not cover veining, scratches, falling objects, abuse, misuse, exposure to extreme temperatures, using improper chemicals or compounds, alteration of the surface with sealers or grout used after installation, or any other similar incidents caused by the Home Owner. This warranty does not cover damage caused by disasters such as fire, flood, wind and lightning; or any other abuse or misuse by the Home Owner.

COCO TILE extends a limited 5 Year Warranty to the original Home Owner, that the tile installation will be free from defects due to workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of installation completion. This Warranty specifically covers only cracks or breaks in tile due to poor workmanship during installation. This Warranty does not cover chipped or cracked tile due to neglect, abuse, abnormal use, acts of God, alterations after the installation or any other cause beyond the control of COCO TILE.

Warranty is only good if the Home Owner stays off the installed areas until proper set time has passed. The Warranty will be null and void if the Home Owner does not allow installation to set and cure as directed by our Installer. If you have a problem with your installation, please contact COCO TILE cocotilecontractor@gmail.com immediately. We will set up a repair appointment or a product inspection as needed. To attain warranty service, the Home Owner must contact COCO TILE and provide details of the issue along with proof of installation (copy of your invoice, paid in full).