Bar Ocelli

Project Outline Located at 17 William Street in Ottawa: A 1,000 Square Foot Design Symphony At the core of Bar Ocelli, a 24″ x 48″ porcelain tile floor sets the stage, framed by an elegant chevron tile border that wraps the bar area, offering a feel of timeless elegance. This striking design element beckons patrons […]

Buvette Daphnee

Project Outline Located at 11 William Street in Ottawa: A 2,000 Square Foot Design Masterpiece Embarking on Buvette Daphnee’s creation of a truly unique flooring masterpiece, these custom Dal Tile 2″ x 2″ porcelain mosaic tiles have become the heart and soul of this captivating 2,000 square foot restaurant. The bespoke mosaic, crafted with precision […]

Browns Socialhouse

Project Outline Located at 1055 Greenbank Road in Ottawa: A 7,000 Square Foot Design Triumph In the vibrant narrative of the Browns Socialhouse, our tile and thin brick installation project unfolds as a celebration of style and functionality across a glamorous restaurant. The culinary heart of the establishment boasts a traditional 8″ x 8″ quarry […]

Ottawa Light Rail Transit

Project Outline Located at 117 Rideau Steet in Ottawa: A 2,000 Square Foot Exclusive Design The journey of crafting the exquisite tile feature walls for the Ottawa Light Rail Transit’s Rideau Station North Entrance was a captivating tale of precision and artistic collaboration. From the initial concept envisioned by the talented designer Jim Verburg to […]