Buvette Daphnee

Project Outline Located at 11 William Street in Ottawa: A 2,000 Square Foot Design Masterpiece Embarking on Buvette Daphnee’s creation of a truly unique flooring masterpiece, these custom Dal Tile 2″ x 2″ porcelain mosaic tiles have become the heart and soul of this captivating 2,000 square foot restaurant. The bespoke mosaic, crafted with precision […]

Browns Socialhouse

Project Outline Located at 1055 Greenbank Road in Ottawa: A 7,000 Square Foot Design Triumph In the vibrant narrative of the Browns Socialhouse, our tile and thin brick installation project unfolds as a celebration of style and functionality across a glamorous restaurant. The culinary heart of the establishment boasts a traditional 8″ x 8″ quarry […]

The Kensington Lofts

Project Outline Located at 101 Pinhey Street in Ottawa: A 9,000 Square Foot Modern Design The meticulous artistry unfolds within the 28 condo units, lobby and elevator, where every tile contributes to the overall aesthetic allure. Ceramic subway tiles grace kitchen backsplashes, seamlessly blending classic charm with contemporary flair. The introduction of porcelain faux-brick tiles […]