Heated Shower Bench Installers in Ottawa

Don’t ruin your hot shower by sitting on a cold bench. Always keep the tile or stone on top of your shower bench nice and warm, so sitting down during your shower is pleasantly comfortable.

Get Rid of Your Cold Shower Bench

The Benefits and Advantages of Heating a Shower Bench

When installing an electric floor heating system for your bathroom renovation project, consider extending the heating cable onto your custom shower bench to ensure the stone slab is nice and warm when you sit down. Especially when the shower bench is on an exterior wall (like the ones in the photos below), it will get very cold and can be quite uncomfortable trying to sit down on during a hot shower.

Coco Tile Flooring Contractor Inc - Heated Shower Bench Ottawa

We recommend installing a Schluter Electric Floor Heating System for most of our heated tile bathroom projects. We start by installing a rectangular Schluter-KERDI-BOARD-SB Shower Bench, which comes in two recommended sizes (38” long x 11-½” wide x 20” high and 48” long x 16” wide x 20” high). Once the shower bench is secured and waterproofing is complete, we then install the Schluter-DITRA-HEAT Membrane on the top of the bench to firmly hold the Schluter-DITRA-HEAT-E-HK Heating Cable in place. Usually when installing a heating cable the run begins at the thermostat, however, to heat a shower bench we must start installing the heat cable from the opposite end. The run begins on top of the shower bench and ends at the thermostat.

Double Your Security With Our Warranties

We stand behind all our work while providing peace of mind with our industry leading 5-year warranty. In addition to our warranty, Schluter-Systems offers a 15-year warranty and Mapei offers a 25-year warranty, both with comprehensive coverage on the entire electric floor heating system (membrane, cable, and thermostat). For more information about Schluter-Systems warranty coverage, please visit their website by clicking here. And for more information about Mapei’s warranty coverage, please visit their website by clicking here.