European Shower Base Installers in Ottawa

At Coco Tile, we have developed a unique way to install a large format tile into any size of custom shower base. Techniques we’ve learnt from European Master Tile Setters in Italy are now implemented on our very own jobs, right here in Ottawa.

The Beauty of a European Shower

Large Format Tile Shower Bases Explained

Instead of installing the traditional and old fashioned 2” x 2” mosaic tile on your shower base, you should consider a large format tile (24” x 24″ or larger). The most distinguishing factor of our European shower base tile installations are the cuts. The pattern of the layout is called “Envelope Cuts” or “X-Pattern Cuts,” which are designed to properly slope water directly to the shower drain. The look is beautiful, elegant, and highly sought after by those who desire a high-end, one-of-a-kind shower.

Coco Tile Flooring Contractor Inc. - European Shower Base Ottawa

95% Less Grout Lines

Besides the beautiful look of these European shower bases, one other very important defining factor that makes them extremely better than the traditional North American shower base is that they have about 95% less grout lines. Also, most mosaic tiles installed on shower bases are usually spaced apart at 1/8″ while we install large format tile with 1/16″ spacing between each tile, meaning the grout lines are half the thickness on the shower base. With fewer and thinner grout lines we ensure you’ll have less worry, less cleaning, and less maintenance over the entire lifespan of your custom tile shower.