Dekton Thin Slabs

Dekton is a sophisticated blend of over 20 minerals extracted from nature. Its production process is the result of years of research, development, and innovation in the manufacturing of glass, state-of-the-art porcelain, and quartz surfaces. Electron microscopy makes it possible to appreciate the reduced porosity of the material, a consequence of the sintering and ultra-compaction process exclusive to Dekton. This reduced porosity and the absence of micro-defects causing stresses or weak points are the distinguishing features of Dekton, while also being a 100% eco-friendly product that contains no chemicals (like plastic resins found in quartz) and is a verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) sustainable material. Create an endless array of unique textures and designs for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Technical Features of Dekton

Sintered Particle Technology

Dekton uses an exclusive SPT in its manufacturing, capable of sintering mineral particles, bonding them together and compacting their internal structure. This innovative technological process mimics and accelerates the processes that natural stone undergoes when exposed to high pressures and temperatures for millenia. Dekton emulates in a few hours what nature takes millennia to do, thanks to the exclusive SPT technology.
→ The furnace has a length of 180 meters (196 yards).
→ Temperatures reach approximately 1250*C (2300*F).
→ Total processing time depends on the thickness of the slab (about 4 hours).

Safety in Facades and Cladding

In order to reinforce safety in ventilated facades and interior cladding, there is the possibility of adhering a safety mesh behind the Dekton slab, specially developed to prevent falls due to breakage. It is a 300 g/m2 fiberglass mesh adhered to the material with epoxy resin. Safety is one of Cosentino’s main concerns and top priority.

Benefits of Dekton

Scratch Resistant

One of the most scratch resistant surfaces on the market today. It has a rating of seven (7/10) on the Mohs scale for mineral hardness. Sharp household objects won't scratch or scuff the surface.

Stain Resistant

Wine, coffee, permanent markers, and rust can be easily removed from the surface without altering the finish. Highly resistant to harsh chemicals like bleach, drain cleaners, and oven de-greasers.


A non-combustible material that can withstand high temperatures without burning, scorching, or cracking. Cook directly on the surface without causing any damage by using the Invisacook.


The surface is completely non-porous, so water and other liquids are prevented from being absorbed and it does not undergo any expansion movement because of it. Never needs to be sealed.

Resistance to Freezing & Thawing

Thermal shock proof from both extreme heat and cold so when installed outdoors, even in Canada, the surface will not crack by the change of season or weather conditions.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Resistant

The low coefficient of thermal expansion ensures high resistance to sudden temperature change without the surface ever fading or degrading over its lifespan in any kind of outdoor application.

Abrasion Resistant

Even more resistant to abrasion than granite and porcelain, making it the ideal surface for exterior facades, heavy-duty worktops, and high-traffic flooring in residential and commercial applications.

Colour Durability

Perfect colour consistency from slab to slab with a long-lasting surface that will never fade over time. The surface you install today will look the same for the entire life of the product.

Project Showcase


Dekton Khalo Kitchen Countertops with Integrated Sink 1


Dekton Sirius Fireplace Surround 2

Feature Walls

Dekton Kreta Feature Wall and Ceiling 2b

Walk-In Showers

Dekton Aura15 Bookmatch (B2-C2) Shower Walls with Kovik Floor

Tub Decks

Dekton Rem Tub Deck with Sirius Floating Step 1

Shower Benches

Dekton Sirius Floating Shower Benches 1


Dekton Ananke Floating Staircase Treads

Planter Benches

Dekton Kreta Planter Benches 1


Dekton Sirius Coffee Table 1