Barrier-Free Shower

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Barrier-Free (Curbless) Shower Base Installers

Instead of installing the traditional and old fashioned shower with a curbed entrance, you should consider a barrier free shower base. These sleek and modern shower bases allow for a wheelchair accessible shower, eliminating a major tripping hazard and preventing falls. At Coco Tile, we’ve developed an efficient and effective way to install any size of custom tile shower base without requiring a curb.

Barrier Free Curbless Shower

The Most Desirable & Accessible Shower Designs

We begin by removing the original sub-floor in the shower area. Once the floor joists are exposed, we attach wood framing as blocking in between each cavity to create a structural support that is lower than the top of the floor joists. Then we glue and screw plywood on the newly constructed support frame, making the shower area sub-floor in line with the top of the floor joists.
With the shower area lower than the rest of the floor, we then

install a WEDI Fundo Lingo shower base which ends up being flush with the bathroom floor. As a final layer of protection, we install the WEDI Subliner Dry waterproof membrane on top of the gap between the shower base and the bathroom floor. With a completely seamless floor and shower base, it now becomes very easy to continue a floor heating system from the bathroom floor into the shower area. Plus the curbless design make it an accessible shower for those who need wheelchair or easy access. 


We make all the adjustments inside the floor to allow for a barrier-free curbless shower, without cutting into any of the floor joists.


With multiple layers of waterproofing, we guarantee there will be no leaks in the shower system or bathroom floor.

Floor Heating

Very easy to continue a floor heating system from the bathroom floor into the shower area, so you can enjoy a warm curbless shower base.

Why Coco Tile?

Kevin Coco is a 3rd Generation Tile Setter whose grandfather owned and operated Atlas Flooring Contractors Co. in Montreal, Quebec for over 30 years. Learning from his grandfather, Kevin has built his business based on trust, reliability, and superior craftsmanship. This long line of Tile Setters originates from the coast of Campania, Italy where some of the most beautiful tile work in the world has been around for centuries.

Taking the solid foundation of traditional Italian tiling and combining it with today’s modern large format tiles, Coco Tile continuously creates a high-end finished product that goes above and beyond all their competitors. In a short period of time, Coco Tile has earned 22 certifications while achieving 18 awards.

At Coco Tile, our clients feel confident in our ability to perform all tile and stone installations correctly. Every new installation comes with a 1-year guarantee to be free from defects resulting from improper installation. Warranty will cover the replacement of any loose or cracked tile/stone due to improper installation for up to 1 year.